Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19th, 2014

We feed baby goats and ride Pony's

 We make crazy things with LOTS of pipe cleaners!

We fly in Airplanes

We ride trains

Have campfires with family

Ride in Paddleboats

Climb trees

Build Domino towers

Visit family~ Mom, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Andy

Chase birds

Are Spiderman when we are not Buzz Lightyear

Build Railroads

Get our California Drivers License's

Feed ducks

Visit the Zoo

And then call it a day:)  Life is good!!!

February 19th, 2014

We are Buzz Lightyear

We ride Trolley's

We play at the park and climb walls.

We play in the Ocean
 And watch the Seals.

We also pretend we are dinosaurs:)

We hike

February 19th 2014

I have to say, I LOVE Santee, CA.  Love being super close to San Diego and the Ocean.  Such a great place!  Meghan and Ryan are loving going to the park daily, lots of kids to play with.  Since my last post in January we have been blessed with having family visit us!  We have seen Kim (Clive's sister) and her wife Jennifer Dawkins.  They enjoyed the break from the horrible weather on the East Coast.  It was wonderful getting caught up with them~long overdue:-)  As well my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Andy left Ontario just after Christmas and we had a week here with them too!!!  They have their own trailer and after our visit they headed off to Huntington Beach for a few weeks.  My Mom has been down as well since the middle of January!!!!  It has been great to have her here.  Then Aunt Debbie and Uncle Andy came back to Santee for a week.  My Mom got to spend time with her sister and we got to spend more time with them again too!!!!
So we basically spent a month in Santee then had to leave for a few days in which we went to Lake Elsinore.  That was an experience let me tell you!  We arrived on the Thursday.  That afternoon Clive and I needed to run to Target quickly.  Mom stayed at the camp with the kids.  Clive and I witnessed a horrible car accident!  We were the 3rd car behind.  A car hit a large rig/truck and she went under the transport and literally blew its back axel off in its entirety!  I watched the truck jackknife in the air and land.  It was a family of 5 in the car.  Mom and Dad were hurt.  3 kids in the back.  The youngest thankfully was in a car seat.  The 2 older ones did NOT have their seat belts on but thankfully were not hurt bad!  Horrible thing to happen:(  Then 4 days later when we were to leave, Clive was walking Calvin and Hobbes.  A pit bull that was on a leash broke the leash and attacked a woman's little dog then attacked the woman!  A worker tried to help and as well he was bitten.  Was happy to see the back end of that place.  We returned to Santee and are SO happy!  I also recently got to spend a few hours with Elissa who was at a Nursing Conference.  Elissa is a former co worker from OHSU.  Was great to get caught up with her and share some laughs!
The days are flying by!  Meghan is doing some school work daily.  I haven't done much with Ryan yet.  Still trying to get myself in a grove.

January 27th 2014!

Wow, time is flying and as I have said previously, I'm lousy at this!  Blogging isn't my thing for sure.  Since I last posted in mid December, we spent a wonderful Christmas with Shaun and Jennifer Dawkins in Bakersfield.  Meghan and Ryan were spoiled for sure and we had a wonderful meal!  Clive got to get out on a motorcycle with his brother and loved it:)  We stated to head out on December 26th for Santee, CA...but we had some issues.  The coolant hose was cut into by the frame of the RV.  We made it only to Tehachapi, CA.  So needless to say, after hours of talking to Newmar etc, we had a tow back to Bakersfield:(  The RV spent some time at Freightliner while we stayed at a hotel.  3 days later we were on the road to Santee.  Still some issues we are trying to get our Microwave oven that kicks on for 1 minute intervals spontaneously and a pocket door that is warped.  All in all though, we seriously LOVE our small mobile home!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pictures week 1

One thing we did before we left Oregon was the Polar Express on
the Mt Hood Railroad!  Has become tradition every year for us.

On the Polar Express

Meghan playing in the leaves at the local park
Ryan in the leaves

Week 1

So we have moved from this wonderful home in West Linn to our home on wheels.  Cannot believe how busy we were moving things to/from storage and into the RV.  It was very time consuming and exhausting.  But, we were able to leave Oregon Monday and are in Bakersfield visiting Clive's brother Shaun and his wonderful wife Jennifer:)  The dogs and kids are happy not to be stuck in the car!

The weather leaving Oregon was interesting.  Hitting southern Oregon with icy roads and snow.  The rig and car were pretty dirty when we arrived.  Clive took the RV to Camping World to have it cleaned, while that was being done, he took my car to be washed.  The guys at camping world said there was a park for the kids a block down.  So I take Meghan & Ryan, Calvin & Hobbes for a walk.  We literally got a block away and some dog jumps a wood fence and goes after Hobbes!! I'm screaming because I'm worried it will come after the kids.  Finally he jumps back over the fence.  NOBODY came to help! I get 2 houses down and there is a family putting up their Christmas decorations outside and they ask if we are ok!  Seriously?!?!?  I could of been stabbed and not one person stepped out to see what was going on!  As well the California drivers SUCK!  There is no delicate way to put it sorry, but they do!  Insane, aggressive, fast and careless!  Ok, that is the end of my rant LOL!  We have a great park close by and we go everyday, the weather has been nice so have outside a lot.  Big exciting news for Clive and I is the KIDS ARE SLEEPING IN THEIR BUNKS!!!  Ryan does wake early and comes into bed with us but hey, that is fine compared to where we have been the last 6 months or maybe the last 2 years!  It is all a blurr, lack of sleep does that to you.
So here is the dirty rig.  I will do a video tour once I figure out all this blog stuff.  As well, I have to make an open apology to those I never got to see before we left, Karen also showed up at the RV and thankfully Clive was there to show them around!  Like I said above, it was super busy, we needed to beat the worsening weather that was coming and Clive needed to be in Mojave for work.  So please, don't think I didn't want to see you!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Come along for our journey

What started out as a dream.....
We are a family of 4 + 2 dogs who decided to throw caution to the wind and try something new!  We sold our home, over 80% of our stuff, ordered an RV and will spend time traveling North America with no end in sight.  So many beautiful places to see, many great people to meet, family and friends to catch up with and most of all, spend time together as a family!  We are Clive, Beverly, Meghan, Ryan and Calvin & Hobbes.  Come along with us and enjoy the ride!
Clive & Beverly

Meghan & Ryan
Hobbes & Calvin